Thursday, May 03, 2012

Overnight Oats in a Jar

Good morning!

I am obsessed with breakfast. Nothing sounds as good to me as breakfast from a bowl of Oh's to eggs to oatmeal. YUM!

All across the blogs you can find recipes or mentions of "overnight oats in a jar." Basically, you mix up oats and milk and a few other ingredients and leave it in the fridge overnight. I was beyond skeptical of this- who wants to eat soggy, cold oats for breakfast?! But I eventually had an almost empty jar of peanut butter (WF brand=YUM!) and thought I would give it a try.


Holy yum, Batman! It was incredible. And oh so easy. Its also kinda addicting...I can see why overnight oats in a jar are taking over the blog world one post at a time.

The inside of my first batch of overnight oats

You've probably noticed that I share links to other bloggers' recipes much more often than I share my own. That is because I don't really have time to experiment in the kitchen. I love to bake, cook, and whip up scrumptious goodies. Right now life is just too busy to create recipes though. And when I do come up with something original, I forget to document for the blog! I'm working on this oversight! AHHH!!!!

Today is a new day.  Without further ado, here is my recipe for overnight oats in a jar. I love it and after a few tweeks am satisfied enough with it to share with all of you. It is naturally sweet from the banana, chewy from the oats, and all around ah-mazing. A peanut butter jar is not required- a bowl or container will work just fine. ;)

Overnight Oats in a Jar

1/3 cup old fashioned oatmeal
2/3 unsweetened almond milk
1/2 mashed banana
4 strawberries sliced in quarters
1 heaping Tbsp of ground flax seeds

Mix all ingredients into jar/container. Cover and leave in refrigerator overnight. In the morning add yummy toppings and enjoy!

Topping suggestions:
sprinkle of granola
more berries
nut butter

<3 K.E.

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