Monday, April 30, 2012

10k Training Update

This won't be a very long post. I just wanted to share a little update on my 10k training.

The race is scheduled for May. It is a 5k/10k Walk/Run/Roll benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project. I ran this race last year. It was my very first 10k and I did pretty well...but I'd like to do better! I haven't raced since I'm nervous and excited all at once.

I love racing because I always seem to push myself harder when I'm running one. I think it is a combination of all the adrenaline and the fact that I'm surrounded by runners who are going fast! I want to keep up! It was actually during a race that I discovered I could run. No joke. I signed up as a favor to a friend and then all of sudden ran a mile without stopping thinking, "WOW. I can do this!" This year I'd like to PR my 10k time. I'm not sure if that will happen or not and honestly, I'm OK either way. But a PR would be fun. Especially because this is my first race in 2012.

I have managed to run my fasted mile during my training- 8:51 according to Nike+. I feel silly sharing it because it is definitely not fast by most runner standards, but for me it is HUGE. As you know, I'm an asthmatic. I was diagnosed when I was nine, but the symptoms only resurfaced about two years ago. I also happened to try out running around the same time and I noticed that after a while, the more I ran, the less asthma attacks I had. I'm not sure what the medical science is behind that phenomenon, but I do feel like running "exercises" my lungs just as it does the rest of my body. I like the idea that there is a healthier way to help control my asthma instead of pumping my body full of steroids and other medications that all have devastating side effects. I do use a rescue inhaler before every run as a precaution. No one needs me passing out on the side of the road or anything! ;) This is why running a mile in under 9 minutes is such an accomplishment for me. I know I will continue to improve, and I hope to eventually run 9-minute miles continuously and, one day, an 8-minute mile, but right now I am thrilled to have finally broken the 9 minute barrier. Before, I'd easily lose my breath when I tried to speed up a run and once I'm out of breath (if its asthma-related) it can take a while to breathe normally again.

Here is my 10k training run schedule (I've been following the Hal Higdon 10k novice plan with adjustments to fit my needs and schedule):

Sunday- long runs (a gradual increase from 4-6 miles)
Wednesday- 5k
Friday- 2 miles (I try to run as fast as I can during the 2 milers because it is a short enough distance that I don't really worry about my not being able to finish due an attack.)

I'm cross training as well, but that is for another post!

This weekend I ran 5.5 miles. My longest run to date during the training. It was definitely a challenge and I learned a valuable lesson- it is no longer spring and I can't run after 8am in the summer. Way too hot! Yuck!

I only have a few more runs before the big race. I can't wait! I'll post updates and (hopefully) be able to share my PR story with you on the big day!

<3 K.E.

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