Wednesday, May 09, 2012

May Fitness Focus

This morning I completed my last run prior to the race on Saturday. I've learned a lot during this period of 10k training. I've learned I'm capable. That I can do anything if I give myself time to train for it. I've also managed to consistently run long distances at a faster pace than I had previously been running my 5ks. Running empowers me. It is a symbol of what I can do despite my doubts or physical limitations. With the 10k looming, I feel a sense of freedom, of completion. This was the first goal I set for myself this year. I wanted to race again. I wanted to improve my running. And I have. I'm ready for this race and for the next phase of my fitness journey- whatever that may be. 

I've been pushing my body hard for the last few months. I've enjoyed it, but I also feel a little worn out. I've been trying to do everything, run, weights/strength training, Pilates, cycling, yoga, and I honestly just can't do everything all the time. Once the race is over, I want t0 take some time out to try new types of exercise and figure out what works best for me.  While I try to figure out my next move (no pun intended!), I've decided to focus on one aspect of fitness for two weeks. I think the focus will give me a chance to breathe and truly evaluate myself and my goals.

One thing that has really stuck out is that my flexibility has decreased over the last few months. It isn't too noticeable, but I am definitely not as flexible as I was when I religiously practiced yoga every week. Weekly yoga also happens to be one of my 2012 Goals. The only one I haven't even come close to meeting.  So voila! My next fitness focus- yoga.

For two weeks beginning on May 13 and ending May 26, my goal is to practice yoga every day. I would like to invite you to join me. It doesn't have to be a full hour practice. It can be a 30-minute yoga DVD or even a few sun salutations in your living room before work. Just work on your practice. These two weeks are for centering ourselves. Finding balance in the midst of our crazy lives (you're going to start reading a lot about balance around here) and being kind and gentle to our bodies. I'm not banning other forms of exercise during these two weeks, not at all. I plan to continue to have a weekly run and to attend my Tuesday spinning and Pilates classes at the YMCA. I just want to make yoga my focus instead of the activity I didn't get around to. I want to work out the stiffness from running and increase my flexibility and decrease my stress. I hope to emerge at the end of these two weeks refreshed and ready for a new challenge!

<3 K.E.

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