Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I want to live.

Have you ever hit a point in life where you felt burned out or worn out or just plain out of sorts? Yeah, me too. That's kind of where life's at right now for me. I have a lot of exciting things going on- upcoming races, travels, etc.- but I'm severely lacking motivation at the moment.

I'm bored of my current routine.

I don't want to run another mile (although if you ask me right after the mile I might sing a different tune ;)

My house is atrocious. (Yes, this may shock some of you who think I am a domestic goddess in my spare time.)

I would like a month off of life. To do anything. Everything. Nothing. Just to be and do whatever strikes my fancy in the moment.

I've planned, scheduled, and organized myself right into a messy, dirty rut.

Unfortunately, what I'd like and what is realistic don't always go hand-in-hand. But that's OK. It gives me another chance to practice being good to myself. Letting go of my need for perfection and embracing the perfectly imperfect things in life. That my house is cozier because there a few jackets slung over a chair or a few books piled up next to the couch. My legs are stronger because of all the miles I'm logging in preparation for my races (and please don't misunderstand- I'm very excited about these races.).

My life is very, very full. Abundant, even. I'm just learning to embrace the messes that come with abundance. To find little ways to fit hobbies and fun moments into the busyness. And most importantly, to learn how to let go of the things that don't enrich my life, the things that are maybe more about being perfect than about living. I want to be all about the living.

A snapshot of one of those moments of living.

<3 K.E.


  1. I get what you're saying; I've been there too (& sometimes for just a minute or two everyday;-) Have you read, "The Purpose Driven Life?" It's by Rick Warren; I'm reading it for the 2nd time & it helps to put things in perspective. It is a faith based book, but I saw you mentioned God in your profile on the left & figured that'd be okay! What's on your race calendar next? I feel you on the not wanting to run another mile thing...kind of how I've been feeling lately too! But this marathon isn't going to run itself;-)

    1. I've heard of it, but I can't remember if I've read it or not. It is now officially added to my reading list! Thanks for the recomendation! I'm registered for my first half-marathon in Feb. and hoping to run a 15k in a couple weeks. :)