Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012 Goals

Can you believe it is January 2012?! I feel like it was just January 2011 and I was planing my wedding to the love of my life. Now 2012 is here. I'm excited and a little nervous. 2012 isn't only the next year of my life- it is also my first New Year as a wife, so my priorities and goals are a little different then they were, say, last year.

In the spirit of "change" I have decided to choose goals for 2012 instead of making resolutions. Goals are things that enrich our lives. Things that make our lives more meaningful, more fulfilling, more exciting...more anything. Resolutions imply that something is inherently wrong or out of place with our lives. Resolutions set us up for failure because we are telling ourselves that already we are failures- too fat, too skinny, too unhealthy, not beautiful enough, not accomplished enough, etc. Fill in the blank. I think most people are guilty of this self-deprecation. This year I am choosing to believe in myself. Believe in my ability to accomplish something that will help me to live a full, happy life. So my goals for 2012 are... <drum roll please!>

2012 Goals

1.  Practice yoga weekly. Yoga clears my mind of all the stress and anxiety that comes during the week. It helps me to find my center and I leave my practice feeling rejuvenated, vibrant, and limber. Not to mention the health benefits- more flexibility, better posture, increased strength.

2.  Adhere to a monthly budget. This will most likely be the most challenging for me. I like to spend money. A lot. Eekk!

3.  Eat Clean 80% of the time.  I have a feeling we will easily exceed this goal, but I wanted it to be reasonable. After all, the 80-20 Rule really does work well in keeping perfectionism at bay- and I won't beat myself up if I throw clean eating to the wind every now and then. ;)

4.  Move my body 4x week.  Whether it is running, strength training, pilates, kickboxing, etc., I want to focus on movement. Being active at least 4 days per week is a small goal, but something I can achieve.

And finally...

5.  Spend an hour each week doing something that is personally enriching.  This could be blogging, writing, spending time with friends, reading, learning a new hobby, practicing my photography. Anything that cares for me as an individual and enables me to grow.

I plan on revisiting these goals periodically to track my progress. Hopefully, I will follow through on them since this blog will hold me accountable!

And no blog post is complete without a recipe! This one does not have any specific measurements. You just have to wing it.

New Year's Peach Fizz

Champagne/Sparkling Wine
Frozen Peaches

Combine sparking wine and frozen peaches in blender. Adjust amount until desired consistency is reached. Serve immediately and enjoy!

Happy New Year everyone!

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