Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Slacking and Vacations

I can't believe I have ignored my blog for so long! I was on such a role- making amazing recipes, trying out new workouts, and writing about it all. The last few weeks have been helter skelter for me and I'm afraid a lot of my motivation wore off during that time. *tear* However, I have learned the best solution to no motivation is....*DRUMROLL* a VACATION! :D So this weekend- which just happens to be President's Day Weekend and, therefore, a 3-day weekend for me- I am taking two days of leave. I'm beyond excited at  the idea of being able to enjoy life again and forget all about work. I'm starting to wonder if all this work hatred is a sign that I need to move in a different direction? Probably. Unfortunately, it takes energy and motivation to move in a different direction- two things I sorely lack at the moment. Perhaps that will all change soon...

Yesterday, the hubby, sister, friend, and I had a little dinner party before the Magic game (both of which were really fun). It was my first dinner for anyone other than my husband since the wedding and I was a little nervous because I decided to try out a new recipe on our guests- Slow Cooker White Chili. I've never had white chili before so I wasn't sure what to expect. Luckily for me, Whole Foods never lets me down and the recipe I found was amazing. You can check it out for yourself here.  

I didn't follow the recipe exactly because, well, I continued my slacker ways and didn't have all the ingredients. So we had a little less corn and 1 green bell pepper instead of two. The biggest change was that I didn't stir the the sour cream into the chili (I'm severely lactose intolerant- if not allergic- to dairy in any form) but rather set out sour cream and Whole Foods' Three Pepper Salsa so everyone could garnish their bowl of chili to their own tastes.

The best part of the meal was that all I had to do was throw all the ingredients in my Crock-Pot. So easy, so delicious, definitely a must try! You won't be disappointed.

Our friend brought over a loaf of authentic Tuscan bread to go with the chili. So good. She said she found the bread at a little, Italian market nearby. Which really translates to torturing me because now I'm dying to go check it out and it might be a few weeks before I get a chance to. Grrr! ;)

Does anyone else have any fantastic, clean eating slow-cooker recipes they've tried? I'd love to hear about them!


<3 K.E.

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