Monday, March 04, 2013

Sorrow and Loss

Despite my intention of positivity in 2013, life has a way of blindsiding us every once in a while...
A dear family member was taken to Heaven yesterday. I wish I had words to console her family. Her children who now have to experience all the great joys and sorrows of life without their mother. Her husband who has lost his other half. Her parents who as they gazed into the face of their newborn daughter never dreamed they would bury their child. My husband who lost a sister he dearly loved. Words are beyond inadequate in the face of such sorrow, such grief. Loss like this is something we never recover from or "get over." This is loss that stays with us forever. The stabbing pain may dull, but we never forget nor would we want to. Our dear loved one is always with us and the memory of her joyful, full life helps us eventually to pick up the pieces of our lives that feel so shattered now.
 She suffered greatly over the last two years and she was ready to meet the God whom she dearly loved. But despite knowing that her suffering is over and she is experiencing true joy, we still mourn. We mourn our loss. I guess that is the thing about death- we aren't mourning anything she lost, because she gained something. We are mourning what those of us left behind lost. A sister. A mother. A daughter. A best friend. An incredible, talented, beautiful woman. The world has suffered a great loss, but Heaven has gained a beautiful soul.
Requiescat in pace, Cari.
You are dearly loved and greatly missed.
<3 K.E.

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